Overlap is built with 40 mm thick panels insulated with expanded polyurethane with metal coating, available in 135 standard model-surface-color combinations.

The proposed models are 6: AIR, LINE, WIDE, SOUND, WAVE and BOX.

The available surfaces are 4: Woodgrain, Slightgrain, Smooth and Woodstyle.

The standard colors include: 12 RAL paints and 3 wood-like films (light, medium and medium-dark).

In addition, you can choose any color between the 213 RAL opaque (RAL 840-HR Classic) thus further expanding the range of choice! In addition to the plana models with HPL finishes.


Choose your Overlap!


Shortly the launch of the new paneling internally produced with thickness up to 75mm, width up to 6 meters and height up to 2 meters.


Here is one of our installations with no-standard RAL:


Overlap Overlap


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