Our mission

Delta Overlap is an industrial project born in December 2013 by Delta Spa.
Delta Spa was founded in 1972 in the processing of rubber and polyurethane systems, and today it is a leader in the world market with specific skills in the sector.
Delta’s mission is to develop OVERLAP technology for the garage door market and expand its use to the entire technical door market.


Overlap is an innovative door thanks to the original opening system that does not require ceiling guides and halves the internal dimensions.

The construction standard of the OVERLAP door foresees the motorization incorporated in the upper crosspiece of the frame.

This system activates the movement of the door without the need for motors and visible guides applied to the ceiling.

How Overlap works: the door lifts, folds in half, rotates under the ceiling, splits into two parts with the lower one sliding under the upper.

Our Team, an added value

Delta Overlap is a point of reference in high-end residential closures, with a production dedicated to the Overlap product with a highly qualified work team



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