It protects your well-being, even outside.

A versatile outdoor roofing system, able to meet the need for relaxation and protection: the Overlap bioclimatic pergola allows you to manage and filter the most suitable passage of sunlight at any time of day, also allowing effective natural ventilation. When the slats are completely closed, the Overlap bioclimatic pergola protects from rain, favoring the flow of water along the outer edges of the structure, ensuring protection and comfort.

The rotation of the aluminum slats varies from 0 ° up to 140 °. The movement can take place by means of a winch or by a motor that can be operated by button or remotely, through a radio control. A control unit, capable of managing up to 4 motors individually or simultaneously, is able to activate wind, rain and light sensors to protect the structure and comfort.

The range of frames available is easy to use in the most varied installation conditions; in fact, it is possible to create coverings on existing structures of any type and material, with wall support or self-supporting isolated structures, which can reach significant dimensions through modular configurations.


  • 1.5 mm thick painted aluminum slats

  • Lamella width: 188.5 mm

  • Single pergola maximum width 4100 mm

  • The tubular structure of the central body of the slats allows for effective mechanical resistance and simplicity in installation

  • Available in a wide range of RAL colors and wood effect (please contact us for availability)

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