The MATERIAL surface creates an innovative solution with a marked aesthetic impact referring to the burning volcanic rocks, the chromatic variations of Corten and the available finishes.


Finishes of the Plana models



Anti-burglary locking system and anti-crushing system.

Overlap achieves high safety standards.
The locking system with mechanical bolts ensures unique closing performance and anti-burglary security.
The Overlap motorization allows any connection to alarm and home automation systems.
The amperometric control system in the handling phases and the possibility of inserting photocells on the internal and external side guarantee absolute passive safety standards.

UNI EN 1627 certification

The Overlap door has passed the anti-burglary certification tests according to the UNI EN 1627 standard, reaching the resistance class (RC) = 2.
The certification is valid for all the dimensions available in the price list of the Overlap range, with double sheet insulated panel, 40mm thick.



Overlap achieves excellent sealing performance against air-water-wind atmospheric agents and ensures high standards of soundproofing both in the opening and closing phases of the door and towards external noise.

Overlap reaches a thermal transmittance value of up to U = 1.50 W / m2k for blind door with installation beyond the opening.


Overlap and Overbas are made to measure, both in width and height with steps of 50 mm or 10mm (optional)

Overbas in non-protruding version and feasible for maximum dimensions 3970 mm by 2680 mm.

Different sizes are feasible upon request.



In addition to the 2-year legal guarantee, Delta Overlap protects its customers over time by offering them an additional commercial guarantee for a total of:

– 10 YEARS on the metal structure

– 5 YEARS on the external surface of the panel of the Plana models and on the Woodstyle Plus surface

in compliance with the Delta Overlap conditions of sale and in the installation, use and maintenance manual.


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